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Hamster : Documents in english

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In 2013, Julien Eidenschenck and Charlotte Kourkgy, members of the hamster team at the ONCFS, took part in an episode of the program "Shared Planet", broadcast on BBC channel 4 in June 2013. This episode gives a large overview of the conservation issues of the common hamster in France.


Can We Save It All ?

 Duration : 28 minutes

First broadcast : Tuesday 18 June 2013


A giant hamster in Alsace provides Monty with a puzzling dilemma, how do we decide what to conserve ? With so many pressures on so many creatures and habitats how to decide where to put our energy and money is difficult. Monty Don explores the issues, do we save the creatures that appeal to us or those that are most useful ? Is a beetle better to save than a hamster ? Shared Planet explores the crunch point where the natural world and human population meet. Monty Don presents the series and invites a field report each week from around the world where people and wildlife are negotiating the same space : different stories, different outcomes, and different issues. How is the Giant Hamster negotiating it’s bit of the planet in the Alsace region with land owners who need its home for crops. Should we try to save everything ?


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Piece of information about the french restocking program :


- Testing restocking methods for an endangered species : Effects of predator exclusion and vegetation cover on Common hamster (Cricetus cricetus) survival and reproduction (Villemey et al. 2013. Biological Conservation Volume 158, February 2013, Pages 147-154) (Click here to buy)


- Influence of agricultural practices on released hamster survival and reproduction (Click here)


- Presentation of the French restocking program planned over the period 2013-2017 (used to ask official permissions to the environmental ministry) (Click here)

A study to develop a tool for reliable burrow diagnosis, presented at the 17 th Hamster Workgroup 2010, to download click here.


If you need more information about French Agency for Wildlife’s studies concerning Common hamster conservation you can contact us by mail at :