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Reporting a ring recovery or the observation of a nasal (...)

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Sending back a ring or the observation of a marked Teal


If you have hunted a nasal-marked and/or a ringed individual, if you have found it dead or, more simply, if you have seen a marked Teal, these data are important : only the information you send allow us drawing distribution maps at the scale of Europe (see map) and study Teal population dynamics. Even partial data (for example the observation of a marked bird without the reading of the individual code on the nasal saddle) provide interesting information.


In all cases, and following the rules in force, we will forward the information at the French National Museum of Natural History for you, so that you do not have to care about it. None of you personal details, if you provided us any, will be passed on.


For all resigthings and ring recoveries, you can contact us directly by surface mail, phone, fax or courriel.


If you want to, you can also download the data transfer sheet to fill in and send back to us by surface mail or as an attached file to an courriel. – Download the data transfer sheet (Microsoft Word file, 24 Kb) –

Whatever the way you send your observations, you will receive by courriel or surface mail, within one month, all the individual details for the bird considered (ringing date and place, potential following resightings).